Announcement Regarding New Support Channel

Dear CEOs,

We wanted to help everyone with their concerns regarding the game. Therefore, in order to cater to all inquiries from our CEOs, we are preparing a new different channel for ticket submission.

In the meantime, while we are making preparations for the new channel, we highly suggest messaging your inquiries to GM Lena through our Discord server, especially if you are having trouble entering the game. When doing so, please remember to include the following:

– In-game Nickname:

– Business Registration Number:

– Type of Issue:

– Screenshot:

If you have any inquiries about refunds or other payment issues, please provide the following information:

– Business registration number:

– Member code:

– Purchase receipt number:

* The first two can be found in the Settings > Manage Account section.

We are always thankful for everyone’s support and understanding! Please make sure to keep our discord channels organized and clean if you have inquiries!

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