[April 14th] Data Patch notice

Fenrir Squad to CEO, an insider intel was recently intercepted.

Its origin seemed to be from the Administration.

On April 14th (Thu), the Administration seemingly carried out some intel updates to the Counterside Database.

Transferring contents, over.

[April 14th (Thu) Data Patch Information]

▶ Data Patch Schedule

– April 14th (Thu) 21:00 (UTC-5)

* Data patches are carried out without Maintenance.

* Even if the data patch is in progress, the Counterside is still accessible, but may get unstable momentarily.

▶ Data Patch Checklist

– Stabilizing server.

– Fixing bugs.

▶ Additional Administration Notes

– CEOs will not need to restart the app for patch to apply.

The Administration has also noted that there might have been an Eternium Drive delay during the data patch, resulting in lag or disconnection issues.

We have sent a small compensation for the patch! (Quartz x1,000 / Eternium x10,000)

As always, the Administration wishes to provide a stable service for all CEOs and apologizes for any disruptions.

Thank you.