Notice on the OBT Pre-Registration

Dear CEOs!

We are thrilled to announce that Counterside Global pre-registration is now open! ♥️

▶Pre-registration period:

12th of May, 2022 – 25th of May, 2022 (UTC-5)

(Changed from 26th of May due to pre-download)

To pre-register, visit the link below:

Don’t forget to pre-register to take advantage of these incredible rewards once the target number of registered players is reached!

Check it out!

▶Pre-registration milestone rewards:

Registered playersPre-registration rewards
10,000Credits x270,522
30,000Employment Contract x2
70,000Counter APT Core x30
100,000Frame: Boss x1 | Quartz x500
150,000Sylvia Lena Cooper x1
200,000T4 SSR Counter Gear Set x1
250,000Launch Celebration Recruit on Demand (Mail) x10

We’re ecstatic to finally share the game with you. Can’t wait to see you all at the Counterside soon!

Until then!👋👋👋

Official Discord: [LINK]
Official Facebook: [LINK]
Official Subreddit: [LINK]
Official Twitter: [LINK]
Official YouTube: [LINK]