Spread the News about CounterSide’s Global Official Trailer!

Dear CEOs,

As it is often said, the more the merrier!

Let the word about Counterside’s new official trailer spread by participating in our new event!

▶ Event Duration

21st of May, 2022 ~ 10th of June, 2022

▶ How to Participate

1. Search for the Facebook post or tweet introducing the Counterside official trailer.

2. Share the Facebook post or retweet the tweet! Both can be found below:

■ Facebook: LINK

■ Twitter: LINK

▶ Event Results

16th of June, 2022

▶ Event Rewards

1) All the following rewards will be available to you once the number of participants reaches the following milestones!

(cumulative from both FB and Twitter shares and retweets)

★ 250 participants:

■ Eternium x 3,000

■ Info x 1,000

■ Partner’s Business Card x 500

★ 500 participants:

■ Credits x 500,000

■ High Appraisal x 30

■ Special Appraisal x 20

★ 1,000 participants:

■ Eternium x 5,000

■ Basic Training Data x 30

■ Prime Training Data x 20

★ 1,500 participants:

■ Eternium x 10,000

■ [50 APT Cores] Selector x 1

■ [10 S-APT Cores] Selector x 1

The event will have 14 extra winners that will receive a special reward each!

The winners will be selected at random from the pool of participants.

■ Quartz x 1,000

■ Credits x 1,000,000

■ Special Random Box x 5

Good luck to everyone!

※ Notes

1) Please note that any post containing inappropriate content may result in automatic disqualification from participating in the event.
2) Please make sure you own a Discord account, as the winners will need to send a DM to GM Sigma via Discord at a later date.
3) The posts and accounts containing the submissions must be set as “public” until the winners are announced. Failure to do so may result in automatic disqualification (excluding general rewards).
4) If you have any other questions or concerns related to the event, please contact the GMs via Discord DM.
5) Studiobside reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel the event depending on its circumstances. If any changes occur, they will be notified on this event page.
6) Users are allowed to submit multiple posts from each different community platform. However, each winner will receive only one reward regardless of the number of submissions.
7) Any matters not listed on this page will follow the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Operation Policy, and Event Policy.
Official Discord: [LINK]
Official Facebook: [LINK]
Official Subreddit: [LINK]
Official Twitter: [LINK]
Official YouTube: [LINK]