[11th Of June] Live With Millie!

On the 11th of June, NIJISANJI EN’s Millie Parfait will live stream Counterside! ฅ(^・ω・^ฅ)

Millie will go through various scenarios and experience her first PVP in Counterside.

Of course, she will also gatcha on different banners, so don’t miss out to see how good her luck will be!

▼ Millie’s Live Streaming Schedule

▷ 12th of June, 2022 07:00 (UTC+9)

▷ 11th of June, 2022 15:00 (PDT)

▼ Millie’s Live Streaming Address

[ Link to Millie’s Live Streaming Address ]

* Millie has shared her CounterSide Code! Check out her steaming archive to check it out!