Counterside Global Release Celebration Event Winners

Thank you to every single CEO who celebrated the launch with us! You made it all the more fun!

To find out if you’re one of the 14 lucky winners of a special reward, please visit our official Discord: [LINK]


Those on the list of winners should make sure to send a DM to @GM Σigma on the official Discord in order to collect their prize. Oh, and please remember to let her know about your in-game Nickname, Business Registration Number, the event you have won, and the skin of your choice!

★ Sweet Promotion – Tea, Chocolate, and Bunny Girl (Elizabeth Pendragon)

★ New Year’s Event – Mystical Moonlight (Xiao Lin)

★ Permanent Skin – Suspicious CafeOwner (Evelyn Keller)


Please also make sure to send the DM within one week, or you will be disqualified from the event.


As for everyone else, don’t despair~ Every participant will be receiving the following rewards:

– Credits x400,000

– [10 APT Cores] Selector x1

– [5 S-APT Core] Selector x1

– Basic Training Data x20

– Prime Training Data x10


Participation rewards will be sent after maintenance.


Thanks for participating!


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