Spread the News about Counterside Global Official Trailer Event Winners

We want to thank every CEO that helped spread Counterside’s wings! And what better way to do so than announcing our 14 special winners?
Their names will be posted separately on Facebook and Twitter, so don’t forget to check both of them out!
Check the Facebook comment here: [LINK]
Check the Twitter quote here: [LINK]

If you’re one of our lucky winners, don’t forget to send a DM to @GM Σigma on the official Discord in order to request your special rewards! Please include your in-game Nickname, Business Registration Number, the event you have won and your social media account on your message to her as well~

Friendly reminder: please make sure to claim your prize with @GM Σigma within one week, or you will be disqualified from the event.

Of course, we also want to take care of every other participant. They also worked hard, and so they have earned the following rewards:

– Credits x500,000

– Eternium x3,000

– Info x1,000

– Partner’s Business Card x500

– High Appraisal x30

– Special Appraisal x20

Participation rewards will be sent after maintenance.

We hope your rewards help you in your adventures!

Thank you for participating!

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Official Discord: [LINK]
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Official Subreddit: [LINK]
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