Bring the Meme! Event winners

Dear CEOs,

The “Bring the Meme!” event has finally come to an end! Thank you to everyone who participated. We couldn’t stop laughing!

There were so many good submissions. However, the public has spoken and their votes don’t lie.

▶ Please visit our official Discord to learn about the winning memes and their creators: [LINK]

As for the winners, please make sure you send a DM to @GM Σigma on our official Discord in order to collect your prize! The message should contain your in-game Nickname and Business Registration Number.

In addition, please don’t forget to send the DM within one week, or you will lose the chance to collect your reward.

In spite of the fact that the event is over, the #memes channel will remain open for everyone’s enjoyment.

Thank you all for participating!

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