Busted! You’re the innate talented streamer! Winner Announcement

Dear CEOs,

 The “Busted! You’re The Innate Talented Streamer!” The event has finally come to the end! 

We were able to complete the task with your amazing clues.

There were too many curious clues among the submissions. Out of the many clues, we picked up 10 important clues.

Here are the special winner who gave us important clues

1.#BRN: 4005205

[Orca -Sweets and desserts]
I imagine Charlie or Jessica taking a video as she’s eating and openly enjoying it, and it spreads, and people ask her of her opinion on other sweets, and giving her recommendations to taste and review.

2.#BRN: 11124873

[Lin Xien-Daily life vlog]

She’s a girl who would do anything she want and it would be an interesting idea

3.#BRN: 9369971

[Kim Sobin- ASMR]

The goddes of destruction showed her potential of being hilariously unhinged when she defeats her shyness and anonimity is a great tool for that, also she would probaly make great asmr

4.#BRN: 4050755

[Lee Sooyeon- Cooking]

I want her to be a host of a cooking show feat. Fenrir squad & ALT squad,the judges would be Eins $ Zwei

5.#BRN: 9393744

[White Rabbit group-Animal]
Streaming their adventures rescuing and rehoming animals, using what they earn during to stream to help even more animals

6.#BRN: 10884109

[Elizabeth Pendragon-Teaching how to be a proper lady]

Teaching how to be a proper lady with her unique sense of humor her sharp tongue she would no doubt create unique streams both on her own and with guests she can teach and “teach” things like she did with Regina.

7.#BRN: 8389580


Alex with mother vibes doing a cooking show for Coffin Company members to taste.

8.#BRN: 8421449


Her and Dad would have Wholesome moments

9.#BRN: 10916512

[Rosaria le Friede -chatting]

Rosaria le Friede maybe, would do a just chatting mocking at you, and making you to know who is superior.

10.#BRN: 10788402

[Ballista- Travel]

Ballista, doing a travel log of Europe and the Far East.

*Special Rewards and Participation Rewards can be checked in your in-game mailbox after the maintenance on the 5th of Jan. 2023.

Thank you all for participating!