Welcome 2023! New Year Greeting Event!

Dear CEOs,

The New Year 2023 has begun!🥳

 We would like to deliver GM greetings for the New Year, and We have prepared a New Year Event for our CEOs!
Since the new year begins, We believed that our CEOs are having a new start and setting new goals!
Please share your 2023 new goals!

Thank you for your interest and participation!

▶ Event Duration

– 5th of January 16:00 ~ 19th of January 14:00 (UTC+9)
– 5th of January  02:00 ~ 19th of January 00:00 (UTC-5)

▶How to Participate

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2) Share your 2023 new goals!

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▶Event Rewards

1) Special reward for winners (10 winners)
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2) Participation reward
Credit- 202300
Info- 2023

▶Event Results

– After the maintenance 26th of January, 2022

*Rewards will be sent through your inbox a week after the event results (2nd of Feb).

💌 2023 New Year Greetings from GM💌

GM Σigma: 

In 2023, my goal is to optimize the CounterSide community for both Global and KR. Also, I want to improve the Partner Influencer program where Twitch Drops can be integrated (if possible). In sum, I want to improve the overall gaming community so that everyone can enjoy the game. As for a personal goal, I want to improve my drawing ability so that I could get away from drawing only stick figures.

GM Chloe: 

In 2023, my goal is to be as good as Σigma workwise. As a short-term goal, I want to fix my daily routine so that I can be healthier than now. As for 2023, I want to at least start learning Japanese so that I can understand what CEOs from the JP server say without help from the others.

GM Hana: 

Dear CEOs, 2022 went by in a heartbeat and, without even realizing it, we now find ourselves in 2023. As a lot of time has passed since the release of CounterSide Global, we would like to thank our CEOs for always staying by our side and for being such great support for the whole team. Here’s to an even better year for both our beloved CEOs and Counterside! Thank you!

GM Lena: 

Dear CEOs, we are sure you (like us) have gone through both good and bad things this past year, but what is clear is that we would not have made it this far without you! As much as our CEOs have been a source of strength for us in 2022, we hope we could bring joy to them throughout the year. Let’s keep diving together through the CounterSide in 2023 and beyond! Thank you for your love and support~

GM Xiao Lin:
Last year, 2022 was a happy year with the support of our CEOs! It was a very special year for me to be with you! I want to create a more enjoyable event to share pleasant experiences with CEOs this year! I will do my best to satisfy all of our Global CEOs. Please stay tuned with CounterSide in 2023! Thank you for your support and Happy new year!

We hope you are as excited as we are about this event! Having a laugh together will be so much fun!

Thank you.

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