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Changes in the Global Integration

Dear CEOs, 

With the upcoming integration, we would like to inform few things to make sure our CEOs are aware and not left behind. 

▣ Maintenance Schedule Changes

The maintenance schedule will change starting in the second week of February.

▼ Patch Notes Announcement Schedule:


▷ Every Wednesday at 16:00 (UTC+9)

▷ Every Wednesday at 02:00 (UTC-5)


▷ Every Update Tuesday 17:00 (UTC+9)

▷ Every Update Tuesday 03:00 (UTC-5)

▼ Maintenance Schedule:


▷ Every Thursday at 16:00 (UTC+9)

▷ Every Thursday at 02:00 (UTC-5)


▷ Every Wednesday at 14:00 (UTC+9)

▷ Every Wednesday at 00:00 (UTC-5)

* Maintenance Schedule may change due to any circumstances.

* Maintenance Schedule  Announcement will merge into the Patch Notes after the 1st of Feb. 2023.

▣ Shadow Palace and Dive

On the 8th of February, all Quantum Coords Crystals and Dive Reset Devices will be deleted from the game during maintenance. 

As such, please make sure to spend them all before the update.

8th of Feb. Expected Maintenance Schedule

▷ 8th of Feb. 2023 00:00 ~ (UTC+9)

▷ 7th of Feb. 2023 10:00 ~ (UTC-5)

Any other details that are not covered in this announcement will be included in future announcements.