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Global New Origin Update

Dear CEOs,

Global New Origin begins after the maintenance on the 8th of February 2023.

Check out what will be updated after the new origin!

1.  UI Renewal

▷ Overall design of the CounterSide has been renewed.

◆ Main Lobby

▷ Content access from lobby batch has been updated

  • Event banner is displayed on right top of menu to quick access.
  • Frequently used content such as Mission, Collection, and Consortium are placed on the bottom of the lobby
  • Operation tab is renewed as immediately enter the last operation

◆ Operation UI

▷ Operation UI renewed.

▣ Summary

▷  Mainstream EP.2 Replacer Clear required to open this content

-Fixed content such as Danger Close banner is placed on top the summary.

-Mainstream progress banner is shown on “Mainstream.”  

-Challenge displayed on the right top menu.

– ‘Last Played’ tab is added on the bottom right, allowing you to move directly to the last operation.

▣ Mainstream

-Synopsis for each chapter of the Mainstream has been updated. 

-If you access [Enter] from the main screen, CEOs available to enter the Operations.

-In each stage, you can check the enemy’s units and check the combat environment.

-For details of enemy units, check the red ‘Feature Enemy List’ in the Operation Preparation window to see the enemy list and unit informations. 

▣ Substream

-Side Story stages displayed seperatly.

-Stories are listed in the substream are placed in the order of the timeline of -CounterSide and are marked with a node between the Side story.
* Side Story connected to a node do not mean they are clear condition requirements.

-Counter case can be started by tab the bottom right menu from the substream.

  • Each event episode has an event shop, where goods can be purchased through the goods acquired in the event scenario.
  • Event Episode Shop can be accessed by selecting each Event Currency Exchange at the bottom right of the Operations Select.

▣ Request

  • The request is divided into a Supply Operation and Challenge.
  • Existing Supply Operation stage deployed to Supply Operation on the Request.

  • The challenges tab includes Challenges, Challenge Stages, and Daily Dungeons.

▣ Growth

  • Growth is where CEOs can play Simulation, Dimension Trimming, and Time Attack.

▣ Favorite

  • Click the Star icon in the bottom right of the Operation tab to use added contents as Favorite. 
  • After clear the story stages, you can add the stage as Favorite.
  • Favorite can be added by click the star near icon the top right of each stage.

▣ Other

-Optimize and alignment of the dialogue window to the left side.

-[Align dialogue window to left] set up function removed.

-[Administrator Renaming] and [Company motto change] of the user information menu are removed.

-Administrator’s name and motto can be modified in My Profile.

-If you tap [change] on the user information menu, go to [My Profile].

– CEOs can now enter coupons directly to the PC client.

2. New Contents 

◆ Tactical Update

▷ Tactical Update system is added which can be enhanced using the same unit.

-Tactical Update can be start by [Management] ▷ [Unit] ▷ [Enhance unit].

-Tactical Update are available for 6 times.

-Each update of Tactical Update grants additional stats.

LevelLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Additional StatDMG AMP
DMG RDC +4%Deployment Resources Refund +4%DMG AMP
DMG RDC +2%Deployment Resources Refund +2%

-Rearmed units can be used to conduct a tactical update.

-The same unit before the rearm can also be used to unlock the rearmed units.

-Tactical updates can be carried out regardless of level, limit break, or limit fusion.

-If the unit used at Tactical update equipped with gears, the gears will be returned through Storage.

-[Tactical Level] is added to the sorting option.

Between Feb. 8th to March 8th, if you have used a unit(s) to Tactical Update which was raised to any degree, then the system will return how many materials you have used to raise that unit used.

※※  Only units can be returned after the Feb 8th Maintenance up to 50 times in total.

3. Content Renewal

◆ Battle UI

-Battle UI has been renewed.

-The HP indicator bar of the allies changed to white.

-The HP indicator bar is now changed to display at any time.

-The bottom of the cost bar is deleted.

◆ Unit Growth

-To Limit Break or Limit Fusion, you no longer need to spend the duplicate unit.

-Awakened and SSR Units: The amount of materials needed to [Limit Break] or [Limit Fusion] does not change.

-SR Units: The required number of fusion cores has been reduced.

-R and N units: Changed to use fusion core fragments instead of Fusion core.

-Unit Data is no longer required to level up rearm unit’s skill levels.

-Unit data used to level up rearm unit’s skill levels will be refunded as Task Planet Points.

※ Only one rearm unit cost will be refunded. Duplicate rearmed units will not have all their materials refunded.

RankMaterials (1 → 100)Materials (100 → 110)
Awakened620,000 x Credit
180 x APT Core
30 x S-APT Core
3,500,000 x Credit
75 x Fusion Core
SR160,000 x Credit
120 x APT Core
15 x S-APT Core
1,000,000 x Credit
15 x Fusion Core
R50,000 x Credit
90 x APT Core
10 x S-APT Core
250,000 x Credit
15 x Fusion Core Fragment
N17,000 x Credit
60 x APT Core
10 x S-APT Core
100,000 x Credit
9 x Fusion Core Fragment

◆ Challenge

-Challenge medals can no longer be acquired.

-Challenge Shop will be removed and existing products will be transferred. If you have already purchased items from the Challenge Shop, then you cannot purchase them again.

– The Items placed in regular categories are no longer available to purchase.

– The Items placed in limited categories will be transferred to the Dive/Gold Bullet Shop.

-In addition, a new product that can be purchased at the Dive/ Gold Bullet Shop is added.

 *Soldier MAZE Weapon, Armor, Accessory 2 each (per account)

  *Mechanic MAZE Weapon, Armor, Accessory 2 each (Per account)

  *Items placed in the data are transferred to Planit Mall/Unit Data (Challenge).

-The existing Challenge Ticket · Challenge Medal will be exchanged as follows and will be sent via mailbox.

-1 x Challenge Ticket  → 20 x Advanced Gear Material

-1 x Challenge Medal  → 1 x Advanced Gear Material

Free Contract

-Free contract stage is permanently closed.

-Three free contract molds, [Iron Taylor], [Profit Industrial], and [Max Wall Corporation] are exchanged for a 1: 2 ratio with high-end equipment materials.

– [Iron Taylor], [Profit Industries], and [Maxwell Corporation] Mold are added to the Mold list of workshops.

– [Hemsworth] Mold is added to the Workshop’s list of Exclusive Gear Molds.

*Exclusive gear from Shieldman, Rifleman, and Hound are available to produced.

*In order to manufacture gears with Mold, the following materials are consumed per time.

     -50,000 x Credit

     -20 x Advanced Gear Material

◆ Company Level 

-Maximum level of the company is increased from 100 to 200.

– Maximum company-level achievements are added.

◆ Achievement

▣ List of deleted achievements

*Veni, Vidi, Vici

*Memento Mori 

*The One Who Laughs Last

*Familiar Partnerships

*Shadow Palaces

*Palaces #1 [A Place with No Name] 3 Achievements

*Palaces #2 [A Place with No Life] 3 Achievements

*Palaces #3 [A Place with No Light] 3 Achievements

*Palaces #4 [A Place of Broken Swords] 3 Achievements

*Palaces #5 [A Place of Deadly Whispers] 3 Achievements 

▣ List of additional achievements

*Everyone Dreams of Becoming the World’s Greatest

-Acquisition: Accumulative Gauntlet Ranked Battle Total Wins

*Aiming for Big Firm

-Acquisition: From 105 to 200 levels, every 5 levels will give you this achievement.

※ Achievement Scores from the deleted achievements will be retrieved later.

◆ Get EXP

  • After clearing the Battle, instead of the platoon that cleared gaining direct experience points, the experience points are converted to Appraisal and paid at the same time with a certain percentage of Credit.

◆ Skin

◈ New Skin Category Added

▷ Special

◈ Special Skin Option

Special Skin is a Skin class that has a separate dedicated option.

Login cut-in: While accessing, the login cut-in video of the corresponding Skin is played.

Switching: You can change the outfit separately from the background ON/OFF button from lobby.

Gauntlet: Skin only can obtained with Gauntlet.

◆ Dimension Trimming

[Shadow Palaces] and [Relic Challenge] are integrated into [Dimension Trimming].

[Shadow Palaces] Exclusive exchange has been removed.
-The Mold, [Ultraprecise T6 Spectral Universal Mold], and [T6 Spectral Universal Mold] of the [Shadow Palaces] are exchanged as follows.

 *1 X [Ultraprecise T6 Spectral Universal Mold] → 120 x [Shadow Fragment]

  *1 X [T6 SPECTRAL Universal Mold] → 60 x [Shadow Fragment]

[Shadow Palace] Gear can be produced abd manufactured always, the following product are consumed.

  *200,000 x Credit

  *200 x shadow fragment

  *50 x Advanced Gear Material

**[Purified Element], [Ownerless Part], and [Nightmarish Extract] are integrated into the [High Tech Board], and the three kinds of goods are exchanged at a 1: 1 ratio sent through mailbox. 

[High Tech Board]

*[Swift: Trimming Trinity] and [Volcano: Trimming Flame] after clear, CEOs can acquire the[Dimension Cube] and create Maze Gear with [Dimension Cube]. 

*While making the Maze Gear with Maze Gear integrated molds, the following products are needed:

  **10,000,000 x Credit

  **2,500 x Dimension Cube

  **2,000 x Advanced Gear Material

Volcano: [Insta-Kill] gimmick is removed in the trimming flame.

◆ Gauntlet

▣ Gauntlet Season 3


 – Special Skin is added as a reward starting this season.

– Reduces the limit of deduction points lost due to a Ranked match

Maximum of 25 – maximum of 20

 *However, this does not apply in the case of Challenger vs Challenger.

– Gauntlet – Adjust the matching condition before the rank is expanded to the matching range between users according to the waiting time

 ※ The range maximum is limited, and it does not support the same match as the Challenger vs Platinum.

Gauntlet – NPC Battle coordinated during strategy battle

   ※ Even if the season is initialized, the progress of NPC Battle is maintained.

   ※ However, if the gauntlet -strategy match is less than 1500, you can score the first victory from each opponent of the NPC Battle after the battle is initialized.

-First winning points are earned from each opponent on the strategy battle.

– Units with limited acquisition, such as collabs are excluded from the UP Unit selection.

– The background used in the content below added as background list of Gauntlet competitions

  ▷A Wish that You Don’t Know

  ▷Ep.7 Seeker of Truth

  ▷Vice President’s Holidays

▣ New Gauntlet Season

▼ Gauntlet Courageous Season Period:

▷ 8th of February, 2023, 04:00 ~ 16th of April, 2023, 22:00 (UTC+9)
▷ 7th of February, 2023, 14:00 ~ 16th of April, 2023, 08:00 (UTC-5)

The Season limited Skin rewards of the Courageous season is [Replayer King: Overlord of the End World].

* Season limited Skin will sent after the end of the season and must be end your league in a Diamond 5 or higher league.

◆ Danger Close

▣ Danger Close Downfall Season: Yamata no Orochi

▼ Danger Close Downfall Season Period:

 : 2/8 After Maintenance~ 2/22 04:00 UTC+9

▼ Danger Close Downfall Elimination Period:

 : 2/22 04:00 ~ 3/1 04:00 UTC+9

Danger Close progress as follows.

▷It starts on the 1st of every month and is annihilated for 2 weeks.

▷After two weeks, the settlement period begins for the next week.

▷After the Elimination period, the rest period will begin until the 1st of next month.

– The daily support reward will be deleted and the daily play reward will be changed to be paid.

-Danger Close Shop and Ranking and Honorary Rewards will be reorganized.

-Danger Close Shop products, excluding limited Gear, will be initialized on the 1st of every month.

◆ Dive

-Dive UI has been renewed

[Added Function]

▷Displays the amount of [Exploitation Permit] like Dive entry item.

[Removed Function] 

▷ The Dive Details information is removed.
▷ The [Sweep] feature and icon is removed.

▷ The [Auto Select Squad] option is removed.

▷The [Reset Coordinates] feature and initialization license deleted. 

▷Dive progress, [Exploitation Permit] is consumed without consuming [Info]. 

▷[Exploitation Permit] is available daily at 04:00 KST and can use 10 times.

▷ If you have 10 [Exploration Permit], the permit is now not used.

▷ Fail during the Dive, [Exploration Permit] not returned.

▷While Dive in progress, if the user cancels Dive, [Exploration Permit] not returned.

▷Dive can participate up to 4 Squads and can be adjusted according to  Whileorganizing Squad, duplicate ships and units cannot be displayed.

▷At the start of Dive, the bullets that were given to each Squad were deleted.

▷When enter the Dive, all sectors are exposed.

▷Dive start level is raised into 30 level.

▷Normal Depth boss has been increased up to 5 levels.

▷Boss in the last section of the Depth will be increased by 10 levels.

▷Effects of artifacts acquired during Dive list as bellow

NO.Artifact NameEffectDetails
1Ship CorrosionDuring battle, ship’s HP  0.1%reduced per secRecovery of ships in battle 30%Applied 5 seconds after entering Battle, and it works only on Depth 1 It gets by default when Dive starts.
2Ship CorrosionDuring battle, ship’s HP  0.2%reduced per secRecovery of ships in battle 40%Applied 5 seconds after entering Battle, and it works only on Depth 2 It gets by default when Dive starts.
3Ship CorrosionDuring battle, ship’s HP  0.3%reduced per secRecovery of ships in battle 50%Applied 5 seconds after entering Battle, and it works only on Depth 3 It gets by default when Dive starts.
4Ship CorrosionDuring battle, ship’s HP  0.4%reduced per secRecovery of ships in battle 60%Applied 5 seconds after entering Battle, and it works only on Depth 4 It gets by default when Dive starts.
5Ship CorrosionDuring battle, ship’s HP  0.5%reduced per secRecovery of ships in battle 70% Applied 5 seconds after entering Battle, and it works only on Depth 5 It gets by default when Dive starts.
6Ship CorrosionDuring battle, ship’s HP  0.6%reduced per secRecovery of ships in battle 80%Applied 6 seconds after entering Battle, and it works only on Depth 1 It gets by default when Dive starts.
7Offense ReactorAlly Counter ATK +10%
8Offense Dual ReactorAlly Counter Ultimate Skill DMG+25%, Skill Haste +10%
9Offense CylinderAlly Soldier ATK +10%
10Offense Dual CylinderAlly Soldier CRIT DMG +25%, ASPD +10%
11Offense ModuleAlly Mech ATK +10%
12Offense Dual ModuleAlly Mech HP +10%, ATK +10%
13Charging CubeAlly Skill Haste +10%
14HP CubeAlly HP +15%
15Dual CubeAlly’s Role ADV DMG INC +30%, Role DISADV DMG DEC -20%
16Healing DisruptionAll Unit Incoming Healing -50%
17Recovery UpAll Unit Incoming Healing +30%
18Critical CubeAll Unit CRIT DMG +50%
19Offense Air CubeAll Unit vs Air DMG +20%
20Chain CubeAll Unit ASPD +10%
21Corrupted  CubeAll Unit vs Corrupted  DMG +20%
22Barrier TransistorAll Unit Barrier Reinforcement +30%
23Corruption CubeAll Unit HP 1% reduced per sec(Boss Excluded)
24Attack DiskEnemy ATK -10%
25HIT DiskEnemy HIT-20%
26EvasionDiskEnemy EVA -20%
27Striker CubeAlly Strikers’ CRIT DMG RES +30%, Deployment Resources Gain -5%
28Defender CubeAlly Defenders’ HP Regeneration +1% per sec, Deployment Resources Gain -5%
29Ranger CubeAlly Rangers’ CRIT DMG +30%, Deployment Resources Gain -5%
30Sniper CubeAlly Snipers’ CRIT DMG +30%, Deployment Resources Gain -5%
31Supporter CubeAlly Supporters’ Skill Haste +25%, Deployment Resources Gain -5%
32Chain DiskⅠDeployment Resources Gain +10%, Ally Damage Reduction +20%
33Chain DiskⅡAlly units’ Debuff immunity, HP -5% per sec for 5 s upon deployment
34Chain DiskⅢATK +20%, Max HP -30% for units with 3 or lower Deployment Cost
35Chain DiskⅣHP +20%, CRIT -40% for units with 4 or lower Deployment Cost
36DMG TransistorAlly HP +20%, Damage Reduction +10%
37Recovery TransistorAlly HP recovers +1%, ATK -20% per sec
38Mech CubeAlly Mech Barrier invalid, hidden detection
39Soldier CubeAlly Soldier Unable to Recover
40Confusion CylinderAll Unit Confusion Immunity
41Stun CylinderAll Unit Stun Immunity
42Barrier CylinderAll Unit Barrier Invalid
43Blindness CylinderAll Unit Immune to Blindness
44Silence CylinderAll Unit Skill sealed  Immunity
45SPD CylinderReduce attack speed for all units Immunity
46Barrier ModuleBattle begins, give Ally ships a barrier of up to 20% HP for 20 seconds
47Imaginary Core BoxDive clear Imaginary Core get
48Credit BoxDive clear Credit get
49Credit ContainerDive clear get Credit
50Data USBDive clear get info
51Defense ReactorAlly Counter DEF +10%
52Move ReactorAlly Counter SPD +10%
53Defense CylinderAlly Soldier DEF +10%
54Move CylinderAlly Soldier SPD +10%
55Defense ModuleAlly Mech DEF +10%
56Move ModuleAlly Mech SPD +10%
57Move CubeSignificantly increases Deployment Resource gain +5%
58Resource CubeSignificantly increases Deployment Resource gain +10%
59Damage Reduction CubeAll Unit Damage Reduction +25%

 [Safety Mining] is possible by consuming [Exploitation Permit] in the recently cleared Depth.

When [Safety Mining] is performed once, one [Exploitation Permit] is consumed.

[Safety Mining] deeper the measured coordinates level, the higher the amount of Eternium and Imaginary Core that can get.

◆World Map Branch

[Staff Office], [Spatial Coordinates Amplifier], and [Colossus Radio Telescope] is removed.

Conditions for setting up a [PR department] disappear.

While dispatched from a branch mission, it is changed to perform only by branch manager

EXP of a unit through a branch mission is not availble.

When Branch mission is completed, the same Measured Coordinates and Depth Dive as the Dive that you cleared is occured. 

Probability of Dive occurrence decreases, but the reward increased

◆ Mentee System

Mentee System removed.

Due to the removal of the system CEOs get 15 Fusion Core and 50 Set Binary as a rewards.

◆ Counter Pass 

Counter Pass Reward changes

9 duplicate units sent by previous CounterPass changed to 60 Fusion Core.

◆ Shop Product 

▣ Planet Mall

-All SSR and SR Unit Data are added except Awakened and Collab Units.

-Challenge Unit Data Shop has been merged to Planet Mall.

Convenience Goods

16 kinds of Emotes are added.

  -Including exclusive Emotes .

Special Ship Schematics, General Ship Schematics, ShipMaterial Exchange, and Quantum Coordinate Stone are removed.

▣ Gauntlet Season Point: Deco

▷ 3 kinds of Emotes are added.

– Emotes that were provided limited through the Counter Pass is included.

▣ Gold Bullet Shop

▷ The [Limited item] sales product of Challenge Shop before the patch is transferred from the Gold Bullet Shop

※ If you have already purchased the product at the Challenge Shop, you can no longer purchase.

-Maze Case

-Maze Crown

-Maze hands

-Tuning Binary

-Set Binary

▷ New limited items added in Gold Bullet Shop.

※ Available to purchase 2 times per Account

-Maze Guided Munition

-Maze Reactive Armor

-Maze Learning Sight

-Maze Recoilless Rifle

-Maze Complex Suit

-Maze Laser Scope

※No limit purchase

-Info 500

Shop / Currency Policy Exchange

*For more details, please check out Shop products post.

◆ Others

*Only stages that consume Eternium modifed to get and lose rewards.

*The Battlefield Squad is removed, and the quartz used to open the Squad will be refunded through mailbox.

4. New Challeng Stage -Time for Questions

[Demon Lord’s Cushion] is available during the Time for Questions Event Challenge, a material for creating exclusive equipment for Fallen Hawk team members.

New Challeng Stage – Time for Questions Event Period:

▷ 8th of February, 2023 00:00 ~ 22nd of February, 2023 04:00
▷ 7th of February, 2023 10:00 ~ 21st of February, 2023 14:00

5. Event

◆ Capital Point

To Celebrate CounterSide NEW ORIGIN Capital Point Event Begins

Major Rewards at Capital Points are as follows:

-1 x [Origin Year] SSR Awakened Recruitment Ticket

-1 x [Origin Year] SSR Awakened Testimonial

-3 x [Origin Year] SSR Testimonial

-1 x [Origin Year] SSR Ship Selector

-1 x [Origin Year] SSR Operator Testimonial

-4 x [Origin Year] T7 SSR Britra Relic Gear Coupon

-4 x [Origin Year] T7 SSR inhibitor Relic Gear Coupon

-25 x Set Binary(4)

-5 x Fusion Core(3)

The list of units of Awakened Recruitment Ticket and Testimonial is as follows:

-Na Yubin


-Yoo Mina

-Lee Sooyeon

-Yuna Springfield


-Replacer King

-Replacer queen


-Lee Jisoo


-Joo Shiyoon

▼ Capital Point Event Period:

▷ 8th of February, 2023 00:00 ~ 12th of March, 2023, 04:00 (UTC+9)
▷ 7th of February, 2023 10:00 ~ 11th of March, 2023, 14:00 (UTC-5)

◆ CounterSide NEW ORIGIN Punch In

A Special New Origin Punch-in is now opened! SSR Employee Selection Coupon and Operator Testimonial are yours to grab!

-Xiao Lin

-Elizabeth Pandragon

-Esterosa de Chevalier


-Laura Beatrix


-Yoo mina


▼ CounterSide NEW ORIGIN Punch In Period

▷ 8th of February, 2023 00:00 ~ 8th of March, 2023, 04:00 (UTC+9)
▷ 7th of February, 2023 10:00 ~ 7th of March, 2023, 14:00 (UTC-5)

◆  Global NEW ORIGIN Consecutive Free 50 Recruits! 

-Every CEO will be able to pull 5 times a day for a total of 50 pulls in total.

-Every 5 free pulls will be recharged daily at 04:00 (UTC+9) or at 14:00 (UTC-5).

▼ NEW ORIGIN Consecutive 50 Recruits! Event Period

▷ 8th of February, 2023 00:00 ~ 8th of March, 2023, 04:00 (UTC+9)
▷ 7th of February, 2023 10:00 ~ 7th of March, 2023, 14:00 (UTC-5)

※ You must clear the mainstream EP.1 to join the event.

◆ Prestige Service

– CEO get rewards every time when consume a Admin coin.

– Awakened Shin Jia’s Special [A Blossom Desire] Skin is for final Reward.

[ Currency Cumulative consumption] 

Cumulative consumptionReward List
1,0005,000 x Eternium
3,0002 x APT Core 10 Coupon
6,0005 x S-APT Core Coupon
9,00020 x Tuning Binary
12,00020 x Black Box Fragment
16,0001 x T7 Exceed Tuner
20,00010,000 x Eternium
24,0004 x APT Core 10 Coupon
28,00010 x S-APT Core Coupon
32,00040 x Tuning Binary
36,00040 x Black Box Fragment
40,00030 x Set Binary
45,00015,000 x Eternium
50,0006 x APT Core 10 Coupon
55,00015 x S-APT Core Coupon
60,0001 x SP Memory
65,00060 x Tuning Binary
70,00060 x Black Box Fragment
75,00010 x Special Ship Schematics
80,000[A Blossoming Desire] Awakened Shin Jia Skim

[A Blossoming Desire]

▷Special Skin Option List


-SKill Cut in


▷Special Skin exclusive option list

-Login cut in


 Progress Period

▷ 8th of February, 2023 00:00 ~ 28th of June, 2023 04:00
▷ 7th of February, 2023 10:00 ~ 28th of June, 2023 14:00

6. Raid

【New Raid Boss Season】

A new season of the raid will start after the maintenance.
This season’s raid boss will be 【Inhibitor】. Good luck!
The Inhibitor will appear during certain raid seasons only.

※ If Britra spawned before the update, Inhibitor will appear AFTER defeating the existing Britra.

▼ Raid Boss, Inhibitor Season Period:

▷ 8th of February, 2023 00:00 ~ 15th of March, 2023 04:00
▷ 7th of February, 2023 10:00 ~ 14th of March, 2023 14:00

7. Community Event

◆ Skin★Emoticon Contest 

CounterSide is now helding Skin★Emoticon Contest ! Do not miss out this chance to get prizes as well!

Please Click below link for more details

[ Click here to go Skin★Emoticon Contest ]

8. Bug Fixed

– An error when the screen to freeze after running a Gauntlet replay is fixed.

-An error when Dorm removed Unit is wearing Skin in the Dorm Unit placement error that appears to be a profile without Skin

-An error in Management – Operator Filter after select the lock button is fixed

– An error when using the Type: Siegfried Hilde special mech Immunity is applied not the all Rigid Immunity.

9. Improvements and changes

– Changed to activate the instantly Kill effect on the Enemies are not in screen.

– DMG reflection is applied, the instant Kill damage is changed to prevent.

– DMG transition is applied, DMGs such as backflow, reflection, HP reduction per second and immediate death are changed to prevent transition.

 -[Shadow Palaces] and [Relic Challenge] are merged into [Dimension Trimming]

-[Task Force Plan] mission is adjusted.

-Jukebox: 2 BGM added.

-Game Setting – Graphic – Log In cut option is added.

▷ This option can be set to 4 function.

*[Always]: While access the in-game run the Login Cut-in of Unit Skin at the front based on the lobby.

*[Random]: While access the in-game execute the login cut-in of Unit Skin placed in the lobby regardless on the lobby.

*[Once per day]: While access the in-game runs the login cut-in of Unit Skin at the front based on the lobby. Unit Skin does not run the login cut-in until the next day.

*[Don’t play] : Do not run the Login Cut-in when connected.

– [Fenrir Division Strategic Uniform] Skin’s limited indication is removed, and the Skin rating is adjusted from [Uncommon Skin] to [Special Skin].

– Abolish the repeat and nesting function of the stage, and apply [battle skip] more widely.

-Unit Data no longer be needed when data is sent.

-[Limit Break] Management Guide is modified.

-Some icon positions are removed in Unit information.

-Batch Dismissal Exclusion Growth Materials Option will be changed so that it will not be selected as [Tactical Update 1 or above when using Exclusion Growth Materials / Limit Break 1 or higher / Lifetime Contract / Technical Training 1 or more / Gear Wearing Unit].

-While Batch Dismissal the same unit is changed to leave up to 6 units.

10. Others

– Lobby background and background BGM may change.

– Lobby can be displayed into Unit Fenrir Squad.

-Gauntlet Changes are modified the location of the summons is not displayed during battle.

-Reduce the number of Tuning Binary and Set Binary needs for Gear below Tier5.