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Apologies and Future Plans for the 6.0 Update

Dear CEOs,

This is the Head PD of CounterSide, Park Sang Yeon.

Despite all the support CEOs have sent to us for the 6.0 update, I deeply apologize for not being able to deliver to meet the expectations.

We are currently preparing the update based on the surveys and suggestions given through various channels to make the gaming environment more satisfactory to everyone.

In this announcement, I am going to share some of the plans and questions that were asked.

UI Renewal

The main point of the UI renewal on the 6.0 update is to simplify and unify the design and to break the expansion limit. Regardless of the original intention, I am sorry for deleting some of the quality-of-life functions and lacking intuitiveness and quality.

Based on the current suggestions that we have received; the following points below are to be improved as soon as possible. We are planning to implement the changes by the next update as much as we can.

■  Battle, Operation, Lobby, and other UI clarity improvement

■  Menu, Operation stage UX fixes

■  Red dots and other misleading informational errors

Experience Gain Removal upon Stage Clear

Starting from the 6.0 update, CounterSide’s presumption is to add a skip function to all substreams and other repeatable contents. On upcoming updates, we are going to remove the squad selection step to skip the operation to increase the approachability.   

This process is a small incremental step to the overall changes, and we are currently monitoring the flow of all the resources and the beginning segment of the growth of the company and units.

In addition, we recognize that this won’t be enough, but starting from the second week of February, a discount on credit while salary negotiation and a discount of eternium spent on operations.

To provide convenient daily content usage and a well-balanced growth system, we plan to continuously monitor through various means.

Server Response Time

To integrate Korean and Japanese servers, we have built a server system based on what we have already built for the Global server. When we tested it, the server operated at an optimal level, hence we have come to the conclusion that it was ready. However, on the day of the integration, the actual traffic we received was far more than we have anticipated, hence we were not able to meet our CEO’s expectations. I sincerely apologize once again for this. The errors that lasted until the 9th of February were unrelated to the server, but a code issue, and is now fixed.

However, we are aware that the response time is not as optimal as before, and we are currently working on expanding the servers. We will make sure to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Dive Rewards

For the Dive system, we have found that the rewards and the balance of the dive system are unsuitable during the final stages of the QA, and we are currently at it to improve the dive over the next 5 week period. We sincerely apologize for releasing the content before the content is fully polished. Dive clear rewards, auto play system, and other functions will be implemented as soon as possible.  

Unit Data Acquisition

With the addition of Tactical Update, we have prepared a place for CEOs to spend duplicate units, hence we planned to make unit data not required when raising a unit. 

Rearmament currency such as Prime Rearmament Data has no use other than the rearmament system and is only needed when the new rearmament unit is released. 

Considering the average rearmament data CEOs have acquired so far and the rearmament unit release schedule, provision to new users with rearm currency to catch up to the existing users in practicality, is difficult.

With the addition of the Tactical Update system, the value and the need for the duplicate unit are high. We expect that as the game service time accumulates, so will the rearmament data overall. 

We are planning to sporadically give out the rearmament data via events by continuing to monitor the acquisition of rearmament items and the usage pattern of the items. 

▣ Tactical Update Effect

With the Tactical Update, we are sorry for all the concerns regarding PVP. 

The purpose of the system was to break the limit of duplicate units piling up in the unit inventory. 

We understand the concerns the CEOs currently have. Hence, we have come up with as many backup plans and a specification that will not overpower the unit after the update. 

When performing the Tactical Update, the value the CEOs feel and the actual value of the growth in the unit is hard to separate. 

Therefore, as I have answered the question during the Showcase in the Q&A section, “the Tactical Update will help in PVP, but will not be the definite cause of winning in the match.” I also mentioned that “in PVE, the Tactical Update will not also be the definitive cause for being able to clear or not,” and this still holds true.  

The test was conducted in a PVP Strategy Battle, without any human interventions, and we have also considered numerous tests in mirror matches, matches with items and skill sets of different players, as well as unit role advantage situations, and have come up with the current stat increase. I am sorry for the confusion caused due to my lack of words explaining this important matter.

I also recognize this answer will not satisfy our CEOs, hence I feel uneasiness inside. 

The mistake in the additional system for unit growth is completely on me. Therefore I will take all the blame and apologize. I will also take suggestions to improve the system for the better. If there are any additional issues caused by the system, I will do everything that I can to improve the system.

▣ Japanese Voice-Over Additions to the Global Server

After the integration was decided for the Japanese server, we started a process to take over the local studio where we did the voice recordings. However, there was difficulty in casting voice actors and actresses on time due to schedule mismatches. 

Additional Japanese voices will be done locally under the dedicated studio’s directions in Korea.

If exceptional cases arise, such as Awakened Shin Jia’s special skin, A Blossoming Desire, we will notify our CEOs beforehand to prevent any confusion regarding voices. 

I once again apologize as a head PD for this 6.0 update for not meeting our CEO’s expectations. I am aware that what is written here will not answer all the questions our CEOs have right now. 

Therefore, we will continue to monitor the community in every region to listen to our CEOs and improve CounterSide. 

Additionally, to be more proactive to collect thoughts our CEOs have, we are starting a survey. If CEOs have anything to say to us, we are willing to listen to them and incorporate as many opinions on the improvement.

Thank you

Click [HERE] to participate in the survey.