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Update 6.0 and After 

Hello everyone, 

My name is Ryu Kum Tae, CEO of Studiobside.

First, I personally wanted to say I am sincerely sorry for this update 6.0 to have turned out to have more holes than the swiss cheese from our developers when it was supposed to be a party for every CEO. 

The true intention behind the update 6.0 is to challenge ourselves to the next step with service transfer while maintaining the excitement while giving our CEOs the impression as if they are starting a new game along with our continuous investment in the game and to show our will to develop CounterSide for the better. 

However, the managerial staff and I may have forgotten that a bigger challenge must be done with more acute planning and preparedness. As we were in charge of the update development, we should have gone beyond our immature desire to show off something cool and provided a solid service that meets the expectation of our existing fans and players. We apologize once again to our CEOs for neglecting this most simple yet important element and being.

I also want to apologize to our development team who have worked day and night on this update. 

Might be a little late, but regardless, based on this incident, not only the game itself but also the process of developing the game and the renewal of the team itself to make sure this blunder will not happen again.

With the ongoing survey, we are delivering all opinions to the devs to come up with a solution that will improve the 6.0 update. To all the CEOs who are disappointed with the update and to CEOs who are still with us, I sincerely send my thanks. More details on the changes are explained below. 

< Upcoming February 15 Data Patch Content >

On the 15th of February, a data patch will be initiated to patch contents that can be fixed as soon as possible without an app update. 

Contents that need to be fixed through an app update will be marked as such <On Feb. 22 App Update>.


  In-game UI Adjustment

To improve the visibility of the UI, we have reverted the color of the HP, barrier gauge, operator skill, and other UI to the original color. 

In addition, the black HUD overlay background is removed. 

Battle Result UI Adjustment

Tab placement at the bottom of the page is adjusted. 

Depending on the level of battle win condition acquired, a yellow medal is now displayed.

■ Operation UI

The name of the tab at the bottom of each UI in the operation section will have its colors changed to improve its visibility. 

Depending on the level of battle win condition acquired, a yellow medal is now displayed.

<On Feb. 22 App Update>

A fix where when the CEO exits from the operation or other stages, the page that the CEO land is not the last operation the CEO has done, but rather the main page of that event that the operation is in. 

A fix where when the CEO enters an episode and exits, the page that the CEO land is not the last operation the CEO has done, but rather the main page of that event episode that the operation is in. 

A fix where stage nodes and UI will have level labeled on it

A miscellaneous fix for the UX errors

■ Lobby UI Adjustment

Improved visibility and design of the menu tabs. 

<On Feb. 22 App Update>

Gauntlet and World Map tabs will be more visible. 

■ Tactical Update

When entering the Tactical Update UI, a refresh rate has improved

<On Feb. 22 App Update>

– A dismiss tab will be added

– The name ‘Tactical Update’ which was fixed in English will now be localized into the language setting the CEO has set. 

● Content and Rewards

Normalization of the contents that did not give a correct amount of rewards when it was supposed to. Also, the number of rewards given to the CEOs will be increased in accordance with our newly released content. 

■ Increase in Credit Drop Amount

With the exception of the daily challenges, the number of rewards given will be increased and the details are listed below. 

ContentCredit Drop Amount Rate Changes
Daily Challenge DungeonsNo Changes
Shadow Palace: Trimming ShadowSwift: Trimming TrinityJungle: Trimming WildVolcano: Trimming Flame78%
Other contents that are not mentioned16%

Credit is one of the resources where the accumulation gap dramatically differs depending on the level of the overall growth of the company, and the accumulation inflates towards the end. Therefore, we are currently monitoring growth setbacks, resource accumulation sources, and its usage to adjust the overall efficiency to decide to increase the rate at which CEOs can gain credits. 

■ Substream

A fix where some of the normal stages were not skippable and the item drop rate was set lower than intended. 

Phase format stages are not skippable

■ Dimension Trimming

Relic challenge, shadow palace, and dimension trimming’s clear rewards have been enhanced. 

Moreover, as relic challenge, shadow palace, and dimension trimming now require eternium to enter, the following rewards will be dropped from now on. 

The number of resources gained and such will differ depending on the level and the type of trimming the CEO is doing.

Shadow Palace: Trimming ShadowAppraisalsCompany ExperienceT5 Enhancement ModulesAdvanced Gear Materials
Swift: Trimming TrinityAppraisalsCompany ExperienceT6 Enhancement ModulesAdvanced Gear MaterialsElite  Gear Materials
Jungle: Trimming WildVolcano: Trimming FlameAppraisalsCompany ExperienceT6 Enhancement ModulesAdvanced Gear MaterialsElite  Gear Materials

In addition, the shadow fragment’s drop amount will increase by 50%, and the Dimension Cube will be dropped in every stage, and in [Jungle: Trimming Wild] and [Volcano: Trimming Flame], the Cube’s drop amount will increase. 

<On Feb. 22 App Update>

– [Shadow Palace: Trimming shadow]’s progress will decrease from stage 60 to 30, with levels decreased. 

– [Swift: Trimming Trinity]’s story scene restored. 

– If using automation to clear the stage, the result UI will also automatically skip

■ Dive

A boss sector is restored which was missing before along with the rewards. The missing items from the reward list are also added, such as eternium and schematics. Hence now the item rewards are evenly acquirable from any stage of the dive exploration. The sweep function from the dive from branches will have the same item table. However, units and other low-value items will be removed. 

<On Feb. 22 App Update>

– The sweep function from the dive from branches will be restored. 

■  [Alex: *Drool*] limited emote

The [Alex: *Drool*] limited emote was added to the list of purchasable emotes when it was not supposed to. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and are planning to take back all the [Alex: *Drool*] emote with the refund of 250 quartz during the 15th of Feb. update. 

To add on, we are going to send an additional 500 quartz as an apology, where CEOs can receive in-game mailbox. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience once more. 

<Other Notes>

●  Rearmed Unit 

We have received numerous feedback regarding how we have picked the unit for the rearmament system. As mentioned in the Showcase, Gaeun was a seasonal selection. However, we will make sure to pick the rearm units considering the ongoing meta and such. 

At the beginning of January, when we were making the rearmed version of Gaeun, we found an issue with her level 5 special ability not being applied correctly. After the fix, this made her very overpowered and we thought a special measure was needed. Therefore, we have come to a conclusion to remake the original rearmed Gauen.

On the 15th of Feb., Gaeun and her rearmed counterpart’s level 5 special ability will have their effect change from Stun Time by 1 second to Skill Cooldown by 2 seconds. This change will increase her combat capability increased overall. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

● Gauntlet Score System Change

We have reviewed the feedback on the gauntlet score system, and we will make adjustments. However, it is difficult to change when the season is already ongoing. Therefore, the scoring system and master league reset will be done when the first half of the season is complete.

We are also looking into normalizing the matching system and also to find a solution to relieve the stress to climb up the league. When the system is polished, we will release it through a separate announcement. 

There were also suggestions that league special skins be sold after the season. However, there were also an equal amount of suggestions not to. We will prepare a solution after we receive more opinions from our CEOs and share it with the community. 

●  UI, UX

–  Increase in visibility in Substream

– Addition of shortcuts to move to each episode sector in the Substream

– Tactical Update improvement review where multiple units can be selected at once

–  Removal of squad selection UX when doing a battle skip is in consideration. 

– Other UI display issue fixes.

A small makeup for the update issue is given to all CEOs who have logged into the game after the maintenance for 3 days can receive the following: 

– 20,000 Eternium

– SSR Unit Selection Coupon (KR / Global) 

– 100 Set Binaries

It is difficult to review all the inquiries immediately at the same time, but we want to tell our CEOs that we are thoroughly considering every inquiry received to review and apply to future updates. 

If you have any questions, please contact us through in-game customer service. 

Please let us know your thoughts through the ongoing surveys, and we are planning to hold more surveys to make sure we do have no unheard voices. 

Thank you.