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[9th of Mar.] Temporary Maintenance (Completed)

On the 9th of Mar. CounterSide will undergo temporary maintenance.

[9th of Mar. Temporary Maintenance]

▶ Temporary Maintenance Schedule

9th of Mar., 2023 15:00 ~ 9th of Mar., 15:30 (UTC+9) (Modified)
9th of Mar., 2023 01:00 ~ 9th of Mar., 01:30 (UTC-5) (Modified)

▶ Temporary Maintenance Purpose

  1. An issue where rearm Kaci Bin’s flowerbed disappears when Kaci falls to the ground when it is not supposed to.
  2. An issue where holoMyth Halloween missions, ‘acquire 50 talent figures,’ are not showing up to certain condition when they are supposed to.

▶ Temporary Maintenance compensation

– The compensation will be announced after the maintenance.

▶ Additional Notes

– The game will be inaccessible during the Maintenance Schedule.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience brought by this temporary maintenance. Our team will work hard to provide our players with a more stable gaming environment. Thank you.