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[16th of Mar.] Server Patch Notice

A non-disconnecting server patch to fix the known issues will be carried out.

During the patch, a possible disconnection may occur.

Please restart the game to update the game after the server patch.

 ▣ Server Patch Schedule

– 16th of March, 2023 15:00 ~ 15:20 (UTC+9)

– 16th of March, 2023 01:00 ~01:20 (UTC-5)

  Server Patch Fixes

– An issue where if the CEO uses the skip function at the Shadow Palaces, the resources from the skipped battle do not come in when it is supposed to.

  • Compensation will be sent as Quantum Coords Crystals to those who were affected by the issue above.

– An issue where on the [Old Fear] normal difficulty stage 1-4, the [Letter from the Society] does not drop when it is supposed to.

– An issue where the other company’s logo shows up when carrying out the STEAM server patch when the language is set to Japanese.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you