[Dev Notes #16 ] October 2023
CounterSide 2023.10.24 3:00 오전

Dear CEOs,

This is Kim Hyun Soo, the Head PD of CounterSide.

We appreciate the continued interest and support you've shown for CounterSide.

In this developer's note, we'd like to briefly introduce the additional changes and updates for October, as well as the upcoming updates for November.

First, here are some pieces of information about the changes and new additions that will be part of the October 25th update.

[Awakened Skill Cut-in Trophy]

In the previous September developer's note, we mentioned the development of a feature that allows you to place various unit skill cut-in illustrations in the lobby. 

However, some units need further fine-tuning, hence this feature will be updated in November. 

Also, after the release of the September developer's note, we have heard concerns from many of our CEOs regarding the requirement of obtaining the trophies.

As such, we will be easing the condition for obtaining the Awakened skill cut-in trophy where it will be now reaching level 3 on the tactical updates. 

[Collection - Story Progress Improvement] 

A revision is underway to make it easier to check the completion status of stories in the [Collection]. 

Currently, the [Collection] uses the same UI regardless of the completion, making it challenging to differentiate between the progress status of complete and incomplete items.

To address this issue, icons for locked, in-progress, and completed stories will be placed in the Story tab of the [Collection], making it easier to differentiate each status at a glance. This improvement will facilitate the process of collecting stories in the [Collection]. Below is an example image of how it will be applied.

[ Camera Tracking System Improvement ]

The camera effects and options in combat environments will be improved.

In the Game Settings, there is a camera option allowing you to toggle zoom effects when Awakened units are deployed or when Ulitmate Skills are cast.

To enhance the existing camera option in combat environments, the option will be categorized into three options [Both], [Ally], and [Off], instead of simply toggling [On] and [Off].

  • When [Both] is selected, camera effects are applied to both yours and the opponent's when Awakened units are deployed or when Ulitmate Skills are cast.

  • When [Ally]  is selected, camera effects are only applied to yours when Awakened units are deployed or use ultimates.

  • When [Off] is selected, no camera effects are applied to both you and your opponent when Awakened units are deployed or use ultimates.

Additionally, the camera effects will be modified to follow the following priorities:

  1. Deployment of Awakened units.

  2. Units' Ultimate Skill Initiation

  3. Other

If camera effects from both you and your opponent occur simultaneously, your camera effects will always take precedence, regardless of the priorities listed above.

Once the option is updated, the existing option setting will be changed following the conditions below. 

  • Newly created accounts will have the default camera option set to [Both].

  • If the option was previously set to [On] before the update, it will be set to [Both].

  • If the option was previously set to [Off] before the update, it will be set to [Off].

[ Addition of Gauntlet Season Statistics ]

Gauntlet season records will now include the current season's win count and rate. 

Previously, the information in season records included total wins, highest multi wins, highest score, and highest league.

To enhance the season records, the current season's win count and rate will be added. When the season changes, all the statistics will reset to 0.

Season wins and win rates will also consider battles against NPC squads in [Ranked Battles]. However, results against NPC squads in [Strategy Battle] will not affect season wins and win rates.

This season's record improvement will apply to both [Strategy Battles] and [Ranked Battles]. 

Do note that this feature will begin accumulating data starting from October 25th after the update completion, and all data from before this update will not count in the season records.

[Unit Removal Feature]

As previously mentioned in the September developer notes, the unit removal feature will be implemented on October 25th. 

You can access the feature by selecting a unit in the [Management] and selecting the [Placed] button at the bottom.

Once you select the [Placed], you'll be able to view the current status of the unit on the right.

From there, you can immediately disband the unit or navigate to the squad settings. This feature should offer greater flexibility in managing your units.

[ Substream Event Shop Accessibility Improvement ]

To enter the event shops in various substreams, CEOs had to navigate into each substream and select their unique event currencies. 

To improve the access of these substream event hops, a new feature will be added on October 25th that allows you to view all substream event shops in one place.

This consolidated sub-stream currency shop can be accessed through the Shop List in the Shop, where you'll be able to browse the merchandise in each substream event shop. 

We hope this new feature makes it more convenient for you to purchase items.

That concludes the introduction of the additional updates and changes for October. 

Here's a brief preview of what's coming in November's updates.

[Danger Close Schedule Update]

Currently, Danger Close runs for 21 days with a 7-day settlement period. However, this 4-week season structure for Danger Close was burdening for CEOs who are aiming for high rankings, causing a drop in interest and feeling of accomplishment.

In light of this, the development team has decided to revise the schedule for Danger Close. Starting from late November, the event will run for 7 days with a 7-day settlement period, totaling 14 days. This adjustment aims to reduce the burden on rankers and enhance the strategic aspect of the event.

Due to the schedule changes, the available Danger Close points in each season will also be adjusted. However, the total rewards will not be reduced compared to previous seasons.

[ Raid Schedule Update ]

We have acknowledged that the waiting time between the Raids is lengthy. 

As a result, the Raid season will be shortened to 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks.

This change in the duration will also lead to adjustments in rewards and accomplishment scores at the Raid Exchange Shop, ensuring that the overall rewards remain equivalent to the previous 4-week seasons.

[ Unit Balance Adjustment ] 

There will be a balance patch for the Awakened unit [Nehemeth Ray]. 

Ray was originally designed as a unit that protects the rear line allies from the enemy attack and pushes back the enemies who breach the line.

However, Nehemeth Ray has been impacted by previous game policy changes and is not performing effectively in combat as intended compared with the other Awakened Defender class units.

To address this, the development team plans to reinforce Nehemeth Ray's design by enhancing his Passive Skill and Ultimate Skill to make him more relevant. 

The balance adjustment and monitoring will continue not only for Ray but also for other units that are up for balance changes.

[ Alternium Reactor Update ]

The following units are subjects for the next set of Alterium Reactors: Ministra, Veronica, and Kyle Wong. 

All the stats and abilities listed on the development notes for Alterium Reactors were not confirmed skills, and we concluded that this information led to confusion for many CEOs. 

Therefore, starting from this very development note and forward, all Alterium Reactors will provide information about the development direction, rather than detailing specific skills and stats.

First, Ministra is a unit that can summon a mutated Spira and swords as a passive to debuff and attack enemies. To enhance Ministra's distinctive characteristics, she is planned to receive her conditions for summoning the sword will be eased, and Ministra’s combat ability will be improved to make her relevant to other Awakened Ranger class units.

Second, Veronica is a unit that becomes stronger when her HP decreases and enters an immortal state to maintain the frontline in battle. To maintain her characteristics, she is planned to receive more enhanced abilities during her immortal state to fortify the frontline further. 

Third, Kyle Wong creates a bulwark to protect mid and rear-line allies and reinforce the frontline. Therefore, we are planning to give Kyle an Alterium Reactor which will focus on enhancing this bulwark stats and utility.

Due to the risk of units' abilities becoming excessively boosted by Alterium Reactors, Awakened units will be temporarily excluded from future Alterium Reactors. 

A new direction and detailed internal testing will be conducted for Awakened units before they are included back for Alterium Reactors.

Moreover, the update cycle for Alterium Reactors, which currently stands at 4 weeks, will be extended to 6 weeks to ease the fatigue resulting from Alterium Reactor updates.

[Cafe Strega 1st Anniversary Event] 

To celebrate Cafe Strega's 1st anniversary, a special event will be held!

The Cafe Strega event will follow a similar format to the previous Gremory’s Bartender event.

※ Currently under development and may differ when live. 

During this event, you can acquire the skin for Yuna Springfield (R Grade) wearing Cafe Strega's uniform and the Cafe Strega uniform version of Evelyn Keller, which was available during the previous event.



[Gauntlet Balance Adjustments and New Gauntlet Season] 

As previously announced in September developer notes and notices, we mentioned that the average Gauntlet battle time has been increasing and provided some direction on adjustments to reduce battle times. 

However, the application of damage increase buffs based on the remaining time in Gauntlet has led to inconvenience for CEOs.

In response to this feedback, the development team will carefully consider and proceed with Gauntlet balance adjustments, which include reducing the damage increase buff values and removing the Gauntlet-exclusive threshold breaking. 

Moreover, we observed that the units that can be forward-deployed are too powerful due to the damage-increasing mechanism. Hence, we are considering changing the damage increase buff to damage taken increase debuff. This change may result in ships being excluded from the increased damage taken debuff. 

These Gauntlet balance adjustments will not be applied during the Sincere season, for the season is currently in its final stages. Instead, the changes will be implemented from the new Loyal season which is scheduled to start in November. 

This will prevent potential confusion during the season’s end and provide time for thorough internal testing.

The Loyal season will run from November 12th at 14:00 to January 20, 2024, at 20:00 (UTC-5) for the first half of the season, and from January 21 at 14:00 to March 30 at 20:00 (UTC-5) for the second half.

The Gauntlet skin for the Loyal season will be for Arhat Joo Shiyoon. 

You can acquire the Gauntlet exclusive skin as a reward for achieving Diamond Tier 5 or above during the season. 

Please note that this Arhat Joo Shiyoon Gauntlet skin will not be immediately applied to the game at the start of the season, but a week or two after from the start of the season.

This concludes the developer’s notes for October on the upcoming update on October 25 and the future updates planned for November.

Thank you.